John Keech: Pure Meditation

John Keech: Pure Meditation
John Keech: Pure Meditation
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Levyn kesto 59 minuuttia.

1 Pure Meditation (8.09)

2 Soaring on the Wings of the Astral Body (7.45)

3 Sandstream (6.08)

4 Boundless Dunes of Tranquillity (9.03)

5 Sweet Visions of Rain (9.46)

6 Desert Dreaming (9.23)

7 Portrait of Peace (9.09)

Pure Meditation with soothing piano melodies and calming soundscape is ideally suited for use with your meditation. Either use the album as the object of your focus or alternatively to create an ambience whilst you meditate on something else.

The special features allow the music to support a wide range of meditation imagery, making it suitable for both newcomers to the practice of music assisted meditation, and to those who already have a favourite meditation routine.