Philip Chapman: Heavenly Realms

Philip Chapman: Heavenly Realms
Philip Chapman: Heavenly Realms
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Levyn kesto 68 minuuttia. Philip Chapmanin rauhoittavaa ja tunnelmallista musiikkia, joka on täydellistä levon ja mielenrauhan hetkiin.

1 Titania's Dream / From Radiance

2 Pathways to Heaven / From Higher Consciousness

3 Planetary Renaissance / From The Golden Age

4 Wisdom / From Keeper of Dreams

5 The Peace Bringer / From Return of the Angels

6 Inner Stillness / From Contemplation

7 Divine Protection / From Precious Love

8 Celestial Guardian / From Celestial Guardian

9 Nature's Gift / From Fantasia

10 Everlasting Love / From Return of the Angels

11 Infinite Discoveries / From Soul Mates

Philip Chapman creates a calm, peaceful ambience with his music, perfect for moments of inner rest and contentment. He has always drawn much of his inspiration from Nature, and his delicate, tranquil compositions lead one to a state of restful reflection. With beautifully clear instrumentation, you enter a world of serenity, of inner stillness and of calm delight. Philip Chapman's music is used throughout the world as the perfect companion to relaxation, healing and peaceful enjoyment, and this collection features his best loved music from the last ten years.

His serene compositions and timeless music relax the body, refresh the mind and uplift the spirits.

Music of an almost 'dreamy' quality. From the titles of the songs it is clear Philip Chapman very much has in mind angels and the heavenly realms when composing. We think he has succeeded in bringing to mind these realms through these compositions, although we don't know what music they do play up there!