Deuter: Sea and Silence

Deuter: Sea and Silence
Deuter: Sea and Silence
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Levyn kesto 59:44 minuuttia. Meren aaltojen ja soinnillisen hiljaisuuden lempeitä ääniä sisältävää musiikkia, joka soveltuu rentoutumiseen tai hoitojen taustamusiikiksi.

1 Silent Bay (7:10)

2 Sea and Silence (13:30)

3 Reflection (8:40)

4 Seven Sacred Pools (9:35)

5 Coral Gardens (6:50)

6 Reflection 2 (5:40)

7 Empty Shore (8:00)

I have always loved the musicality of the waves of our oceans. Unlike a musical composition, which has a beginning and an end, waves play their music in a timeless fashion, not going anywhere, not reaching towards some goal but singing about the eternity of the present moment. Waves reveal their music only to listeners who allow themselves to sink deeper and deeper into the sounds - sounds which seem to be just noise on the surface. But then, upon reflection, the waves play with a richness and fullness. So, allow a memory of the ocean to emerge... envision the tide, feel the salt air, lean back and relax. There is a place within us where there are no more goals to reach, no more roads to travel, no more maps to follow, no more philosophies to create, no more strategies to construct. In this place within, there is peace and stillness, and with that, a fulfillment, which has always been there, May this music help to touch this place in you. C.G. Deuter