Tony O'Connor: Mariner

Tony O'Connor: Mariner
Tony O'Connor: Mariner
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Mariner on yksi maailman suosituimmista rentoutusmusiikkialbumeista! Levy sisältää kauniita merellisiä melodioita.

Haunting flutes and warm orchestral strings, gently awash with ocean waves. Majestic and flowing, this beautiful recording takes you on a relaxing journey over the ocean - and is one of the worlds most cherished albums for relaxation.

"Mariner, one of the most popular relaxation albums anywhere in the world. If this is your first taste of relaxation music, then Mariner is the perfect choice. Mariner features beautiful melodies, gentle ocean waves, gulls and ships bells... produced to create the most ideal calming atmosphere. Today, this is still the most popular of Tony's recordings and Mariner continues to outsell every other title week in, week out."

1. Voyage

2. Eventide

3. North Wind

4. Ghost Ships

5. New World

6. Returning

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